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Norma and Vicky prove that love knows no age. There is almost 50 years of difference between them but it really isn’t a problem. When they are able to have a good sex (and they really are), there is no reason to deal with age. This grey-haired mature granny also enjoys being submissive so this powerful young girl seems to be an ideal partner to her. Vicky would certainly be a desired partner for a lot of young men. But this quirky girl found her own way…
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When Phil felt the dick hit the back of his throat, he realized that things weren't as bad as they seemed. Sure, he hadn't imagined himself sucking a stranger's cock when he got up that morning, just as he had never imagined that his lovely wife would be the one doing the shoving. Phil was thankful that he still had a wife. Cassandra could have chosen to cut him completely out of her life; if sucking the hot spunk of some random dude out of his wife's pussy was the price for staying married.
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Aubrey's partner Billy would like to say that he was surprised when he found his wife balls-to-the-chin on her very first customer. But, given that fidelity has never been her strong suit, he could only hope to contain the damage when he saw his lovely wife choking on a humongous black dick, right in their own house. It seemed to Billy like a dubious way to debut her new business, but who was he to question his wife? His job was purely to clean up after Aubrey!
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Mikey is always on the watch for another load of fresh BBW meat to bang. Here, he was taking a metro somewhere when he saw a cute fattie lost near the city map. He started chatting to her and soon the shy country girl who got lost in the big city ended up in the guy's apartment. The rest was easy. Check out this super hot BBW sweetheart worship Mikey's rod like it's a piece of candy. And that ass, oh my god! Mikey gives this BBW pussy plenty of hardcore rubbing and when it's all over promises to take her on a date. Liar.
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Now that Hope had found an ideal man to be her escort and penis donor, she really had to struggle to find a reason to keep her husband Kade around. Kade wasn't brave and he certainly couldn't hope to even show in any penis measuring contest. Maybe he could earn his keep by being a squire to her new dark knight; polishing and cleaning that lengthy flesh sword sounded like the perfect job for her sissy partner!
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When poor Billy discovered his wife BeBe playing doctor with her actual doctor, he went through a myriad of emotions. He felt sad, disappointed, and angry. But strangely, he also felt a little turned on. What the fuck was he thinking; how could he possibly be turned on at the sight of his pretty wife being railed by her doctor? Billy's love for BeBe remained strong, though, and that proved to be the spoonful of sugar Billy needed in order to make the doctor's semen go down his throat!
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Mae doesn't want to waste her youth on her pathetic excuse for a husband. She has other plans: she's going to start spreading her legs for every beautiful dude that walks into her life. She's already spent too much time denying herself of all the physical pleasures she's capable of. Now, she's going to do exactly what she wants to do, when she ants to do it. Her husband, of course, won't have much to say about these plans of hers as long she remembers to shove a cock down his throat beforehand!
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Once that Yuki had gotten past her fear over the the bulge in Ricco's pants, she just let go of all apprehensions. Did it bother Yuki at all that her poor husband was forced to watch as she hid Ricco's giant black dick in her tight pussy? Not one bit. Yuki was enjoying herself for the first time in ages and she wasn't going to let the tears of a sissy slow her down one iota!
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Billy always figured that he'd pay for his sedentary lifestyle someday far off into the future. His wife Sasha was going to make sure he paid for it as soon as possible. Sasha planned on putting him on a radical new diet that she was quite a fan of: big black dick! It seemed to do wonders for her figure, so maybe the magical black dick could do something for her lazy husband. Since she's a caring and thoughtful woman, she even flavored the black meat missile with her pussy!
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